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FAQ- Rudraksha

- What is Rudraksha ?
Rudraksha is one of the rarest holy beads representing Lord Shiva.

- Why Rudraksha important?
Human life is full of burdens. Starting from birth and till death, man is attached to some form of religious practice to find some form of release from their burden. So Rudraksha is one of the holiest bead that links the man directly to god (Lord Shiva). Specifically it is to change man Spiritually and Physically. Rudraksha also plays an important role and has major influence on human physiology and central nervous system.

- Where Rudraksha available?
Majority of Rudrakshas is available in and around Nepal. Rudraksha trees require special climatic condition for high quality and good production of beads. It is available only in Nepal. Unusual things may occur in every subject so that some of the trees can also be grown in other parts of world but in very few numbers.

- What Rudraksha have special?
Rudrakshas have natural hole in it. The face or mukhi on the outer surface represent the seeds inside the beads. Each beads have the capacity to give as many trees according to face or mukhi on its outer surface.

- Who can wear Rudraksha?
Rudraksha can be worn by any people of any religion. Those who wear rudraksha and have 100% faith in it, will have maximum benefit in all respects.

- Does Rudraksha causes harmful effect on using or wearing it ?
Rudraksha itself represent Lord Shiva and it has many herbal remedies within it because it is mostly grown in Himalayan region. There are some interesting verses about rudraksha:" a man who wears Rudraksha without mantra attains formidable hell till the time span of 14 Indras " according to Vedas but "a properly worn rudraksha rosary renders all siddies and the benefit without proper ritual causes harm". In reality the Puranas specifically state that Rudraksha do not harm under any circumstance and Contemporary Scientific Studies have found that Rudraksha do not harm. From the recent studies by various scientist, Traditional usage of Rudraksha powders in Ayurvedic pastes for external use and powders for internal use shows they are not a poisononous. The active chemical agents in Rudraksha named as Eleaocarpines have been approved by the Medical Establishment and are used in Pediatric Formulas at the present time for infants in various diseases. It has found that The Holy Rudraksha will never harm and never give negative influences because this is not their nature and this is not what Lord Shiva intended for them to do, when he shed his Tears for the benefit of Mankind.

- How much time it will take to see the effect of rudraksha after wearing?
After the first 40 days of wearing, the user can feel the vibration of energy surrounding them which exerts its beneficial effect slowly afterwards.

- Does rudraksha suit all skins ?
Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people cannot wear it . Their skin shows signs of allergy. In that case you may keep the beads in Puja room and offer daily prayers.

- Can ladies wear?"
Yes, they can. According to our holy books , Rudraksha can be worn at all times by everybody .

- Does a person take Non - Veg and alcohol after wearing Rudraksha?"
Make Rudraksha a part of your body. Your faith will bring grace in your life. Slowly you will find that you are moving away from non - Veg and alcohol.