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Vibrating Sauna Belt

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Price:Rs. 2999/- Offer Price: Rs.1190/-
Sauna Steam Bath Belt
Sauna Belt India

vibrating Sauna Belt

The Vibrating Sauna belt is based on two concepts like Sauna & vibration. The sauna concept is to heat the body several degrees. The body attempts to reduce its temperature by driving blood to the surface and by sweating. Repeated heating increases the amount and the efficiency of sweating. Saunas improve circulation and relieve internal congestion. Heating the body helps destroy bacteria, viruses and tumors. Sweating promotes elimination of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radiation and other toxins. The skin’s ability to eliminate poisons increases. Saunas offer many of the benefits of exercise while requiring much less exertion.

Adding vibration to Sauna Belt makes the vibrations to take out the micro fat cells from belly portion so burning almost the double amount of fat as compared to other Sauna Belts.

Vibrating Sauna Belt— the first really new idea in slenderizing in years produces sensationally rapidVibrating Sauna Belt Delhi India results in reducing the waistline. In fact, it’s the fastest, surest, most convenient waistline reducer ever discovered.

Vibrating sauna belt is a popular weight loss training tool or sauna slimming belt of losing unwanted water weight. With the effect of sauna belt, you’ll look slimmer, stand confidence, and get better body posture. Sauna belts works like a portable heating plat, helps in segregating your body fat molecules and flush out toxins from your body through sweats. The kinetic energy magnitude set by vibrating sauna belt speeding up fat burning process and it produces result in lost inches for your waist. It includes also tape measure, for you to measure fat loss percentages. It even comes with a complete diet plan, for assisting you to lose weight faster. For achieving your desired results, wear vibrating sauna belt during your every daily activities. You will sweat like just finishing doing strenuous exercises, but when you wear the sauna belt, you'll increase the amount of water loss in the area the vibrating sauna beltis placed. The sauna belts are flexible, so it moves with your body as you exercise 'Results may vary from person to person'.

Vibrating Sauna Belt is:

  • Perfect for body shaping
  • Ideal for abdomen, waist, arms, thighs, and cellulites
  • Used by professional body shapers, models, and athletes around the world
  • The Reducing Suana Belt is a weight loss system that produces sweat to help increase body fat reduction and to help in sculpting your body.
  • Position the Reducing Vibrating sauna beltto the targeted area, e.g. the abdomen, waist, arms, thighs, etc.
  • Wearing for just few minutes a day can decrease your body fat and trim your shape.
  • Decreased body fat may be achieved by the belt when used in conjunction with certain exercises. Proper care should be taken when exercising. Input 120V ac or 230V ac.

Instructions to use Vibrating Sauna Belt:

  • Strap the Vibrating sauna beltaround the chosen body part (abdomen, waist or hips). The Vibrating sauna beltshould completely surround your body without getting creased, doubled over or folded.
  • Do not strap the Vibrating sauna belton too tightly to achieve the sauna effect.
  • Check to see if your supplied mains voltage is the same as that printed on the plug before plugging the device in.
  • Make sure the temperature regulator is switched OFF.
  • Plug the Vibrating sauna beltinto the mains.
  • Turn the dial on the temperature regulator to the Maximum position so the device heats up quickly.
  • At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 or 20 minutes before showering or having a bath, eating or drinking cold drinks.
  • Do not worry if your skin turns reddish as this would be due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of hours.
  • Once you have finished your session, take off the Vibrating sauna beltand spread it out on a flat surface until it cools down.
  • Then clean it with a damp cloth and dry it. Store in a dry place.

Caution while using Vibrating Sauna Belt:

Do not use the Sauna Belt longer than 50 minutes. Remember to switch off the sauna belt after 50 minutes

  • Do not use the Vibrating sauna beltin the bath.
  • Do not use the Vibrating sauna beltif the lead or any conceptions are damaged, if it does not work properly, has been dropped, is broken or has fallen into water.
  • Do not use Vibrating sauna beltif you feel drowsy.
  • Do not use Vibrating sauna beltif you are pregnant or during your period.
  • It is important to use the Vibrating sauna beltat room temperature and not to use air-conditioning to try and increase its effectiveness.
  • In this way, your body will not feel the effects of sudden changes in temperature.
  • Before placing the Vibrating sauna belton your skin, make sure your are in a comfortable position either lying down or standing up.
  • However, do not use the Vibrating sauna beltif your are lying on your stomach or sitting down, as this could cause problems in the device's electrical circuit.
  • This Vibrating sauna beltis not a medical product.
  • It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • If you are uncertain whether you can use this product, please consult your physician before using.

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The Butterfly Massager:

The Butterfly massager comes with 10 intensity levels and 6 working mode options which include massage, acupuncture, slow stroke, scrapping, Free Sauna Belt India manipulation and cupping. Woven into the light blue 'wings' of the Butterfly are a network of small powerful electrical pads.

The Butterfly Massager is a TENS mini electrical stimulation massager that may help relieve pain, discomfort and fatigue. It exercises and strengthens the muscles as well as relieves musculoskeletal pain. It may be used in exercising inactive muscles as well as strengthening and toning healthy muscles. It streamlines the muscles, making them leaner and stronger..

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